Totaal Heleen

Touwig stoeltje. Uit verhouding alsof je

Touwig Stoeltje

An interaction, out of proportion as if you were looking at a cute elephant. His big bulky feet at his broad body and low back, so out of proportion that it is endearing.

Herbal Colored wool


The paint industry is polluted. People walk with their feet in a dye bath, which also contains chemicals. That has to stop. The alternative? A vegetable way of dyeing. A way in which we can use the waste from plants, vegetables and fruit for a vegetable way of dyeing. Fruits and vegetables that are rejected, but also the weeds in the garden are given a new purpose.


Embrace the Waves


“Embrace the Waves” is a collection of woven baby blankets, in which the well-known twill binding—a straight, diagonal line recognisable in jeans—is reinvented with waves and bulges.

Pull Over